Increase the effectiveness of your sales force

Load the selling strategy of your best sales reps and the product knowledge of your best engineers and BuyDesign will make even your newest sales person more productive.  Sales reps sell more because the product customization process is so efficient and because the sales documents they produce are tailored to exactly what the customer needs.

BuyDesign guides your sales reps through a consistent selling process that you have determined provides the best customer experience and is most likely to result in a signature. 

  • Customers can see customized products as sales reps are configuring them. This experience draws the customer emotionally toward your products.  Customized 2D drawings and photos can be rendered even as choices are being made.  BuyDesign can even create 3D models to represent the customized products.
  • Multiple sales steps can be condensed into as few as possible.  Samples can be shown to the customer during the quoting process.  Pricing can be done on the fly.  Manufacturability of products is confirmed even as the quote is being created.  Customized sales documents can be emailed to the customer simply clicking which ones are needed. 
  • Sales reps spend more time with customer and less time configuring products.  Customer changes his mind on a finish across a hundred line quote?  Fine, enter the new finish and make the change across all of the lines.  Customer wants to compare to different “sizes” across a fifty line quote?  Fine, click to create a new version and change the size in one place. 
  • Where they need sales reps, they can click to access technical materials and drawings. 

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