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Invoice/Receipt Match - Purpose



The Invoice/Receipt Match program (AP140E) is called from the Invoice, Debit/Credit Memo Entry and Maintenance programs (AP100E, AP100E2, AP110E, and AP110E2).  This program allows the user to select the purchase order receipts that will be matched to an invoice line, as part of the three-way match process.  For each receipt that is matched to an invoice, variance amounts are calculated that will be used to adjust the Purchase Order Accrual Account.  This program also updates the Purchase Order Receipt Detail file, to record which receipts are fully or partially matched.

This program is also used to process the resetting of a previous match transaction.  This is done by selecting an unposted invoice line for reset, or by canceling an invoice line that has been posted.

For additional discussion of the invoice/receipt match processing, see the documentation for the Invoice, Debit/Credit Memo Entry and Maintenance programs.


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